Schools That Work – Emotional Intelligence

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In an effort to identify educational strategies that can help improve American schools following is an interview with Daniel Goleman on his break out bestseller, Emotional Intelligence. I remember reading his book and putting the theories in the book into practice.

In this 35 minute interview, Goleman talks about teaching Emotional Intelligence in schools to which I say; ‘YES!’


Do you have a good sense of how others see the world? Psychologist, journalist and best-selling author Daniel Goleman discusses his ground-breaking research on emotional intelligence. Daniel explains how we can enhance and manage our emotions to expand our brain capacity. As a pioneer in the emotional and social intelligence movement, Daniel’s research changed the way we look at what it means to be smart. He explains how people can sharpen their emotional intelligence to improve their relationships, work and even the empathy they have for others. Daniel wrote for “The New York Times” for 12 years, specializing in psychology and brain sciences. He has also authored more than 10 books on psychology, education, and leadership, including the 1995 bestseller “Emotional Intelligence,” which has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide.

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