Design & Construction

On Time and On Budget - The Way You Want It

Your Campus Design and Construction Decision

The largest decision your governing board will make is around your campus location, size, design, and budget. Ethos Logos only works with Classical Education schools and knows the unique needs of performance/theater space, art, and music rooms as well as all the other aspects of building a charter school.


We Are Not Contractors or Architects,  But We Can Help You Avoid Mistakes

Ethos Logos will bring to your board architectural and building teams that are suited to build Classical Charter Schools to your unique needs.  These teams have built dozens of charter schools all over America. If there are local design and builder teams that you are looking to use, we can ensure that your team catches some of the costly mistakes we have made in the past.

Our role is to provide you with the facts and ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

What To Look For In Your School Design

Ample space for the arts (music, art classes, theater).
Traffic flow for drop-off and pick-up keeps traffic impacts low.
Security is becoming more and more of an issue - your building design is an important part of the planning.
High-speed internet and wifi that will grow with you.
Athletics is a big cost but an important part of a classical school.
Special Education and Intervention campus needs.
Location selection for ease of access by your families.
Materials selection and the costs associated with various trades in your area.
Door access and gate controls.
Camera, alarm, fire system optimization.
Playground options that won't break the bank.
Real grass versus artificial turf.
Furniture packages to meet the ages of your students.

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