Development & Funding

The right financing structure gives you flexibility

There is a myriad of financing options for your new school.  Over the years, the Ethos Logos team has been directly involved with developer lenders and tax-free municipal bond underwriters for large and small funding projects. There is a language and a very specific knowledge base that you must have going into these negotiations.

We Are Not Lenders But Speak Their Language

Our team does not finance or lend on schools.  We are strictly there to provide your governing board with options and to make sure your team is structured correctly to attract the best rates for your project.

We Help You Avoid Costly Funding Mistakes

A poorly structured and negotiated building lease or purchase can be a financial burden to your operation that could take a decade to work through. We have made mistakes, and as we grew our team and expertise we learned from those mistakes and can help you not repeat our errors.

  • Help you understand what financing options are best for your project
  • Make introductions to and assist in negotiations with lenders
  • Ensure that your facility lease and or loans have flexibility
  • Our operation program (curriculum, training, opps modules) are proven to lenders and reduce the risk of your project


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