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The Six Pillars of Ethos Logos Program

Curriculum Development

Pre-K to 12th Grade Classical Curriculum

Our Medici Digital platform has day-by-day lessons for every grade and subject, or a large menu of resources that teachers can pull from to create their own magic. No more searching for the right resource, no more hours of lesson development. We provide the WHAT to teach and let the teachers focus on the HOW and WHY.

Character Education

Our 9 Point Character Education platform embeds The Golden Rule in all we do

When surveyed, Parents rank academics and test scores well below a strong learning environment, disciplined classrooms and teachers who care.  Yet what do typical school focus on? The world of tomorrow belongs to people that can work in a group, stay committed to a goal and have an awareness of others. Is your school preparing students for the future? We help students achieve excellence through Social and Emotional learning, personal exploration, self-reflection and awareness for others.

Teachers / Principal Training

Nothing matters more to students academic achievement than the TEACHER in the classroom

Have you ever had a teacher who inspired you to work harder or pursue a particular goal?  It is not an exaggeration to say that a great teacher can change a student’s life. A great teacher makes learning fun, delivers stimulating and engaging lessons and is pivotal to a student’s academic success. Great teachers are drawn to the profession but it takes intention, training, support, and mentorship to help fine-tune the skills needed to achieve in today's classrooms.

Virtual Operation Manuals

Running a school is like any complex business operation. Our tools will help you manage all operational aspects of your school.

The job of school leadership has become progressively more demanding.  Increased complexity in HR, finance, reporting to state agencies, operating facilities,  safety plans and legal pitfalls, special education, and intervention are all frequently mentioned reasons for why school leaders begin to question their career choice. The Virtual Operations manuals were created to assist the charter school community with the development of sound, comprehensive practices in all areas that support education. Our modules can be used as-is or as a backbone to tailor your school's operational platforms.

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Marketing and Branding services image

Marketing / Branding

Our team knows the unique options to tell your story and get families to enroll.

Great messaging is about more than just buying an advertisement. Our job is to connect your school’s story with audiences whose values align with your own. To be successful you need to communicate your school’s unique identity, history, and vision. The first step starts with defining your brand.  Our team helps you answer important questions like, What audience will be most impacted by your story? Who will connect with your values and the school’s mission? Is your target audience parents who live within a certain distance from the school, or parents with similar values as your school? Marketing and Branding efforts are about answering these questions and more.

Construction / Funding

We help you with national or local building & design teams to make sure you open a school that works for your charter.

Creating a building that matches your program is priority one in school design.  Experience matters when you are spending anywhere from $8 to $20 million. The architect and contractor partnership are crucial and you want a team with a track record of building on tight time frames and on budget.  Beyond the building, we can help ensure you find the right property and financing programs that ensure you can afford a campus that matches your program needs.

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