Virtual Operation Manuals

Charter School Operators...Why Recreate The Wheel?

Ethos Logos Virtual Operations for Classical Charter Schools

Step-By-Step Operations and Training Modules

From Front Desk to Lunch Program -- From After School to Athletics -- We have a plan for you.

Schools are sophisticated business operations with many moving parts. The Virtual Operation Manuals are step-by-step instructions, video training, and the latest research-backed solutions for every aspect of running a public charter school in the United States.

All Things Human Resources

Schools are about PEOPLE. Finding and supporting the best is our goal.

Employment law is complicated and mistakes can be extremely costly. The Ethos Logos HR module helps keep up to date on trends, compliance concerns and the nuts and bolts forms and policies to manage your school.

Ethos Logos Virtual Operations for Classical Charter Schools

Special Education Operations Module

Best Practices, Forms, Training Videos, for all your school's needs.

Special education is tailored to meet the needs of students with disabilities. The services and supports one child receives may be very different from what another child receives. It’s all about individualization. The Ethos Logos program puts all the tools at your fingertips.

Pre-School Operations and Curriculum

Pre-schools are a great addition for your families of your community. They act as recruitment feeders to your school and prepare scholars for Kindergarten.


Ethos Logos Virtual Operations for Classical Charter Schools
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