The Arts

Appreciate The Good, True and Beautiful

Instruction in visual and performing arts is a core part of a Classical Education at an Ethos Logos supported the school. Beginning in Grammar School, students are exposed to the masterworks of art and music. They learn about the artists and composers, their time and their impact on humanity. Grammar students begin the hands-on learning of the basics of concepts that will follow them all through their education.  When students reach the Logic and Rhetoric Schools, the emphasis is on photography, 3D art, painting, music theory, and choir. Masterwork continues as students practice the concepts they have learned all leading to a deep appreciation of the GOOD, TRUE and BEAUTIFUL.

Art and Music in a Classical school also integrate with subjects such as history or science. In the Logic and Rhetoric Schools, Art and Music often overlap with history and literature. In these classes, students begin to learn the various periods of art and music history as well as artists and composers and their major works. Ethos Logos high school arts move to the advanced choir, orchestra were demanded, and theater and performing arts.

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