Special Education Operations Module

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Special Education In Charter Schools Is Complex


Managing A Compliant and Effective Special Education Program

The learning community of your school will consist of scholars with a wide range of learning abilities and special needs.  Scholars with special needs will receive the services as outlined in their Individual Education Plan (IEP). Ethos Logos supports and encourages an environment where teachers will work closely with the administration, Special Education teachers, contracted service providers, parents, and any IEP team member(s) to ensure that the implementation of an IEP is effective and meets the requirements and impacts scholar achievement.

Content and Delivery Modification - Ethos Logos Curriculum

Teachers know how to utilize a variety of tools to provide special education for scholars within the classroom environment. With Ethos Logos Curriculum, fully in use, the special education teachers, intervention team, parents and students have a true one to one environment that tailors instruction to the individual IEP and needs of the student. With the Ethos Logos Curriculum, gone are the days when the Special Education department is scrambling for grade-level textbooks, lesson plans, or trying to stay in alignment with the classroom teacher. The concert of the classroom to special education to home is what makes our inclusion-based special education program so effective.

What Our Special Education Module Does For Your School

Every effort will be made to support teachers in finding solutions with tools and support they need to effectively individualize learning for scholars with special needs:

  • Utilize flexible classroom models

  • Address IEPs with personalized learning plans

  • Engage all learning styles with a variety of instructional modalities

  • Differentiate instruction with meaningful assessment

  • Measure gains with real-time reporting


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