Human Resources

Manage The Employee Life Cycle

Schools are about people.

Finding, training, supporting, rewarding, and understanding the rules about Human Resources are all major areas of a school's operation. The Ethos Logos HR Module helps your school with a backbone of forms, model policies, and training tools to help your school not have to recreate the HR wheel.

Teachers Matter

Teachers who are committed, engaged, and skillful in their approach to instruction have a powerful, long-term impact on scholars’ lives. The quality of instruction is critical to increased scholar learning and achievement in the classroom and that is why Ethos Logos has identified teacher recruitment as an organizational priority.

Hiring new faculty and other staff may be the most important decision the senior administrator makes with your charter school. A new hire represents the school and its future and along with other new hires will help shape image, culture, and scholars for years to come. The hiring decisions are critical to the success of the school and for scholar success in the classroom. The Principal is primarily responsible for overseeing the selection process and will be the one to offer a contract. What Ethos Logos does is help prepare the site-based leaders to recruit, interview, contract, and support the best teachers that they can find.

The Onboarding Process -- Don't Mess It Up!

Ethos Logos helps support schools with multi-day (5 days plus) orientations and in-service training programs for teachers and other staff. Teachers will work individually and in teams according to grade level, as well as with a group of teachers in order to align the curriculum, assessments, and standards across grade levels so that they teach a rich, coherent curriculum tied to state standards.   The orientation will address the following topics:

  • About Your School

    • Mission, vision, and core values
    • How mission, vision, and core values impact teachers and scholars every day
    • Classical education
    • Classroom environment
  • Academics & Teaching

    • Academic standards
    • Academic excellence
    • Planning and preparation
    • Lesson implementation with outcomes aligned to standards
    • Best teaching practices
    • Curriculum
    • Using Ethos Logos Classical Curriculum tools
    • Curriculum maps
    • Curriculum aligned to standards
  • NWEA – MAP Testing System (or similar)

    • Accessing MAP reports
    • Interpreting and implementing MAP results in the classroom
  • Assessments & Instruction

    • Scholar assessment data
    • Types of assessments
    • Data collection, review, and analysis
    • Instructional decision-making based on data
    • Differentiated instruction
    • Instructional material/resources for differentiated instruction
    • Setting goals in relation to scholar learning and the standards
    • Establishing objectives related to standards
    • Developing and implementing action plans

In addition to the 5-day orientation and in-service, teachers will attend professional development sessions throughout the year focused on State Academic Standards, differentiation, and classical education.

Advancing The Teachers Professional Skills

Over 75 Professional Development courses have been developed in the Ethos Logos Classical  Curriculum platform (delivered through the Medici Digital Learning Management System).  These courses range from particular tools and nuances of Classical Education instruction to practical examples of real-world teacher challenges in Classical Education.   The PD Course offerings are used to intentionally introduce new staff members to basic aspects of our culture and expectation.  Once onboard, the PD Course offering is used to specifically train a teacher on a theory or practical aspect of their profession.  Our PD department will observe an issue or coachable moment, assign the corresponding PD Ethos Logos assignment and then follow up with the teacher to ensure understanding and implementation.  This course offering is growing at about 20-25 courses per year and will be contracted through Ethos Logos, a publishing company specifically tailored to deliver curriculum and training to Classical Education schools. A sampling of the courses offered includes:

  • Relating with Parents

  • Relational Discipline Strategies

  • Beginning Logic – A Teachers Role

  • Socratic Instruction - Intro, Level 1 and Level 2

  • Classroom Management

  • Understanding Classical Curriculum Resources

  • Data interpretation and grouping

  • Differentiation in the classroom

Staff will have an opportunity to progress in their careers at your school through attending in-person Professional Development classes and achieving mastery through various Ethos Logos offerings.

Master Teacher Program -OpportunityCulture.org

If your school is ready, we help you implement a Master Teacher program outlined in  OpportunityCulture.org but tailored to meet your Classical Education model.  OpportunityCulture.org program was underwritten by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Walton Fund among others.    The driving mission of OpportunityCulture.org is to keep great teachers in the classroom but allow them to mentor other teachers at their grade level or at their school.  Master Teachers would be paid an additional stipend and have a lighter teaching load.  Each grade level has a Master Teacher whose responsibility it is to mentor their team, disseminate information, analyze and correct teaching techniques and integrate the data-driven instruction protocols identified by the Administration and Professional Development staff.

There are grant opportunities to help expand the OpportunityCulture.org program. The focus of the grant would include the ability to expand the role of Master Teacher by utilizing technology that would allow the top Master Teachers in your school to mentor and coach all the teachers at a particular grade level. This technology would also allow for Master Teachers to lead virtual Socratic discussions all around the Country using a standard Google Hangout connection.  The best teachers, mentoring and instructing at the highest level, are the goals of the OpportunityCulture.org system.

Leadership Training- Ongoing development of school leaders

Strong school leadership teams are critical to creating an environment for great teaching. Ethos Logos PD dedicates substantial resources to coaching and training school Principals and administrations to become highly effective instructional, cultural, and organizational leaders. Our model includes a dedicated Professional Development team member at each campus. These team members focus all of their efforts on growing and supporting their career goals. These PD team members range from a stipend teacher that dedicates part of their time to training goals to full-time PD training professionals.

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