Standards aligned for Classical Charter Schools

Classical Curriculum Delivery

We Provide The WHAT, You Focus on HOW and WHY.

The curriculum is designed covering all the core and enrichment classes needed to manage a Classical public school.  The highlights of the Ethos Logos Curriculum Program include:

  • PreK to 12th Grade for every subject
  • Standards-aligned to numerous states
  • Full units for ELA, History, Art, Music, Logic, Science
  • Day-by-day and lesson-by-lesson for each grade
  • A deep and rich content for enrichment
  • Digital resources to complement 70+ classical novels
  • 3,000 math videos aligned to each grade and standard

Curriculum Fidelity & Alignment

Data Perfects Curriculum

The Ethos Logos Curriculum has been designed with the end in mind.

-What academic skills are needed to master state exams?

- What concepts do the scholars need to progress from year to year?

- What social skills will the scholars need to achieve a full and rich life?

Our team of curriculum designers are teachers in the classroom and subject experts in their particular specialty. The process of refining and improving the Ethos Logos program is never finished. All the teachers on the system have the ability to share lessons between their fellow grade level teachers or they can submit their suggestions to our curriculum design team for review and compensation.  With thousands of users constantly improving the offerings, Ethos Logos looks to be the single source stop for public school Classical curriculum.

Exit Tickets & "I Can" Statements

We Are All On The Same Page

Gone are the days of the parent asking their child "What did you do in school today?" and getting the response "Nothing."  We design this tool for dinner table conversation starters.

The Exit Ticket cards are embedded in our platform and parents can get a year's worth of Exit Ticket Cards at the start of the year.  From Teacher to Scholar to Parent, everyone knows the big topics and ideas that will be covered in each unit.

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