Virtual Operation Manuals Overview

From Front Desk to Lunch Program -- From After School to Athletics -- We have a plan for you.

Virtual Operation Binders -- Why Recreate The Wheel?

Running a school is like any complex business operation. Schools are highly regulated institutions with a number of stakeholders and each has an important role in a successful school. The Ethos Logos Virtual Operation Binders provide an up-to-date procedure manual for all aspects of running a medium to large size school or district. Each Virtual Operations Binder comes with customizable forms, training modules, and step-by-step instructional guides for the start-up and running of various parts of campus.

Operation Manuals Include:

Front Desk Operations Module
Lunch Program
Athletic Programs
Nurse/Health Office Module
Facilities Management
Liability Management
After School Modules
Substitute Teacher Training

Regulatory Modules Include:

Human Resources – Hiring – Training – Terminating
Financial Policies and Tracking Dashboards
Board Governance and Training
Opening A School – Step-By-Step
Parent-Teacher Organization – Set Up
Pre-School Operations and Regulations

The Operational Puzzle In Today's Public Schools


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