Teacher / Principal Training

Great Schools Have Great Leaders and Great Teachers

Teacher Training - Beginner to Advanced

Research Proves....If You Want Better Schools - It's All About The Teachers.

After the Gates Foundation made a $575m investment in American K12, Bill Gates concluded; “Over time, we realized that what made the most successful schools was their teachers, their relationships with students, and their high expectations of student achievement."

Every Great School Has A Great Principal.

The hardest job in America today is a Public School Principal. They Need Our Help.

Principal's balance stakeholders from families and students, to teachers, local community interests, vendors, facility oversight, and district leadership demands. The complications around special education and the legal ramifications of every decision are a daily concern and only getting more complex.  The Ethos Logos Leadership Training modules and one on one mentorship set Principals up for success.

Teaching Classically Is A Whole New World.

Teachers have the foundations of their craft. Teaching Classically NEW and FUN Journey.

When it comes to student performance on core subject, a teacher’s effectiveness is estimated to have a two to three times the impact of any other factor. (Rand).  Nothing matters more to student achievement than the teacher in the classroom.

LoTi Classical Classroom Observation Tool

With the LoTi Classical, everyone knows what is expected. No Surprises.

Based on the Danielson Rubric, with unique additions to a Classical School model, the LoTi tool helps PD coaches, site Principals, and District Leadership monitor and adjust for good teaching practices.

Ethos Logos Teachers and Principal Training Services
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