Public Relations

Tell Your Story To The Community.

Nothing beats face-to-face discussions about your school. Advertising and branding are important aspects of filling your campus but when combined with a focused Public Relations effort the results can and will be exponential.

The hardest part of a school's marketing and branding campaign is in the early years. Nobody knows who you are. We know that people are moved by other people so having an outreach program is critically important to your school's success.

Our team will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to engage your staff with the local community. We help you put together a Public Relations effort that may include:

Ribbon Cutting Events
Open Houses
Preschool Outreach
New Home Builder Visits
Middle School Feeder for High Schools
Church Meetings
Youth Sports Club Connections
Community Events with Exhibits
Introductory Letters and Visits to Community Leaders
What Works In School Tours
Communications to Enrolled Parents and Interest Lists
Engaging your Teachers as Ambassadors
Forming your Parent Clubs Early and Activating Their Friends List
Social Media Presence with Earned and Bought Ads
Outreach to Local Media Outlets
Strategy with Specialty Populations Like Home School Families
Word Of Mouth Reviews On Social Media



 Sample Radio Interview

Introducing Your Classical School To The Community

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