Marketing / Branding

Brand Creation & Opening Marketing

Ethos Logos Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Telling your story translates into strong enrollment.

We help you target your message and ensure that your ad dollars are spent efficiently. From social media to outdoor, radio, and more, picking the right media to reach your target families takes skill and experience. Mistakes can impact your budget, your enrollment, and your success.

Website Development

Your Shools Calling Card to the World

Make the right first impression. Your school web site has to be functional (for calendars and operational messages), attractive and clean, and encapsulate the feeling of the school.

Ethos Logos Marketing Services

Brand Development

From Logos to Hallways to Ad Copy

Every aspect of what your school presents to the public should be carefully thought out. You are conveying a message in all your communications. That message should be organized, thoughtful and give your community a sense that you area quality school. All that happens in managing your brand.

Public Relations

Tell Your Story To The Community

Amazing things are happening at your school day in and day out. Telling that story is more than a once in a while thing. A PR platform helps your school get it messages out. With a concerted effort towards public outreach, you can create a long relationship with your parents, your neighbors, and your community.

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