Classical Pre-K

Early Education Sets Scholars Up For Success

Look for these elements in a Classical PreSchool:

Early mathematics

In preparation for Kindergarten, we start working on the foundations of numbers, tens, addition, and subtraction. The Saxon Math K program is introduced in the Junior K classes with their interactive math wall being a part of every students day.



Songs, chants, poems, and rhymes should be playfully memorized. As students move on through the classical model, these memorization skills will advance, but in Pre-K we start the journey of basic memorization of small poems.


Reading, Charolette Mason Read Alouds

Pre-K is the time to instill the love of reading in your child. We include a heavy dose of reading, read alouds and letter formation and phonetic instruction for early reading. We introduce solid, classical literature for young readers.  Einstein was asked how do you raise a child to be a genius? His response was to read to them fairy tales. The great works of Aesops Fables or Bill Bennetts Book of Virtues are staples in our schools. These stories have a message that withstands the test of time.

Early History Thematic Units 

Children are naturally curious. They want to know about early people and how they lived. At this stage, history is not about dates and facts but what life was like in a family during the Roman Empire or what type of school did children their age attend during the founding of America? These time periods will be covered again and again during their years in our classical model. Each story builds upon the next. We are opening doors to curiosity and deepening their understanding of time, place and other peoples.

Classical Arts - Hands-On Music and Art

Our Classical Pre-Schools are heavily focused on the arts -- from tactile hands-on learning to beginning an early appreciation of the great works of art and music from history. It is not uncommon for your 4-year-old to hear a classical work of music in a store and be able to identify who the composer was.  Jackson Pollack is a fun time to play with texture and learn new techniques. When the children start looking at quality art early, their minds become filled with classical beauty.


Sample Weekly Pre-K Lesson


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