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Telling your story translates into strong enrollment.

If you are a parent, think about what you really want in a school. Chances are your wishes and want fall into one of three categories.

            Intellectual Development:

Critical thinking, problem-solving, and goal setting.

            Emotional Development:

Self-worth, empathy for others, independent motivation, responsibility.

           Moral Development:

Knowledge of right from wrong, making good choices, selecting good friends.

The Case For 'WHY' Your School Is A Fit

As you create your school's marketing and branding strategy make sure that you are building a case for WHY your school is the perfect place for a parent's most precious asset, their children. When many parents select a school for their child they are selecting with their heart, and their mind rationalizes that decision. Branding is about winning the heart. It is intangible and must connect to emotion.

We start your marketing and branding positioning by connecting on an emotional level with your community. From there, all the parts of your messaging, from logo, to colors, mascot, website, hallway art, uniform choices, print materials should be reinforcing the feeling you are trying to convey.

Are you top-notch and a professional learning environment? Does your website and communications show that? Everything that you put forth should be creating emotion and a feeling of belonging that others associate with your school.

Your Families Want To Belong

Humans are social and want to belong. Your operation and our help with branding will assist to position your school as the place where families feel welcome and confident.  It will show that you are matching the parent's desire for a school to meet their child’s Intellectual, Emotional, and Moral Developmental needs.

Sample Client Branding

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