Character Education

Social and Emotional Learning

Character Education

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic JOINS the Good True And Beautiful

Once a part of every school in America, Social and Emotional Learning is making a comeback. Beyond educating factory workers, today's schools need include VALUES and VIRTUES instruction to prepare kids for the world. Find out more at how we can help your school create twenty-first-century schools of excellence.

What Parents want in a School

Focus On Modeling and Teaching Values and Virtues

When surveyed, Parents rank academics and test score well below, a strong learning environment, disciplined classrooms and teachers who care.  Yet what do typical school focus on? The world of tomorrow belongs to people that can work in a group, stay committed to a goal and have an awareness of others. Is your school preparing students for the future?

The Building Blocks of Character Education

Start character education young. Align the school and home.

The goal of an integrated character education curriculum is to model and imprint on scholars:  Self-Awareness - Self-Management -  Relationship Skills - Responsible Decision Making (CASEL, 2005) Learn more about how our program can impact your school culture.

10 Points Character Education Program

The Ethos Logos Character Program is researched backed.

We did the hard work for you. From real-world practices to analyzing the latest research, our 10 Step Plan works. Each step addresses proven tactics to improve school culture, anti-bullying, critical thinking, all the while creating deeper connections between school and home. Step by step, we show you the way.

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