Curriculum Fidelity & Alignment

Starting with the end in mind.

If the teacher is seeing major learning gaps in a math concept that should have been master a year or two prior, the Medici Digital Curriculum Platform allows the teacher to reach back a year or two into prior lessons to assign as a refresher at home or to be used for differentiation in the classroom. The Special Education team loves Medici, because they know where their teachers are and have the same resources to customize their scholar's instruction to address any learning gaps. 

When the curriculum module is used in conjunction with the professional development suite of classes and layered with the character module, a full picture comes into view of how to best meet your campuses needs.

Curriculum in Alignment With Scholar Data

With a central system such as Ethos Logos Curriculum, we have built a platform that can easily be modified to meet the unique needs of a particular student population.  For example, if the data is pointing to a skills gap in writing and editing, the campus team can easily add in additional writing prompts into lessons and assign professional development for the teachers. To increase writing your school can implement across the curriculum writing beyond ELA, into History and Science.  All these tools are in the Medici Platform at your teacher's fingertips.

Example - Early Reading Instruction and Intervention

Through the use of data and research-backed methods of reading instruction, the Ethos Logos curriculum support program offers a toolbox of curriculum, teacher training, data-informed instruction and detailed interventions for a Classical school to implement and ensure success.

As a Classical school, reading and the written language is the lifeblood of our scholars 13 years in our system. We are readers, we dissect rich text, we devour the living books and we use informational text and classical stories as our foundation of academic and social-emotional learning.

What makes our early reading unique is that we stay true to the Charlotte Mason and Classical Education beliefs yet take advantage of the research-backed strategies to support our teachers, special education, ELL staff and interventionists with the tools needed to diagnose and build early literacy skills.

Early Grades Reading Intervention Strategy



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