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Research Proves....If You Want Better Schools - It's All About The Teachers.

The Ethos Logos Professional Development module works with beginning to advanced teachers. The goal of the Ethos Logos PD module is to support teachers in their profession and move them forward as Classically trained teachers of excellence. The PD module has short and digestible mini-lessons with examples from other master teachers on what a particular teaching skill looks like in action. These mini-lessons include support materials, slide presentations and in some cases research backing up the particular skill we are focusing on. The mini-lessons are added to live PD courses which are also supported in the Ethos Logos PD module for site Administration and Instructional Coaches.

Our proprietary teacher observation program (LoTi Classical) identifies improvement areas and helps tailor targeted trainings or mini-lessons as needed.  LoTi Classical, gives everyone, from teachers to Administration a framework to start from. With LoTi Classical, everyone knows what is expected of them and there are support mechanisms in place to help teachers grow professionally at every step.

The Ethos Logos PD Module Focuses on the WHY Teachers Succeed

Ask most teachers why they chose the profession of teaching and undoubtedly you will hear their desire to impact individual students and their communities. Study after study including a recent survey of 3,000 teachers, (Ni and Rorrer, 2018)  found the these three areas that rise to the top for the WHY of being a teacher.

             Desire to make a worthwhile difference in the lives of children (85%)

             Desire to contribute to the greater societal good (70%)

             Experience working with children/young adults (64%)

The Ethos Logos PD module, combined with the Ethos Logos Pre-K-12 Curriculum and the Ethos Logos Character module all work together. The entire program is designed to tap into the WHY a teacher chose their profession, perhaps rekindle the love of teaching in those that have been too focused on standards and testing and develop the skills proven to produce results.

The Ethos Logos PD provides a buffet of tools, which can apply to the novice and advanced teacher alike.  These virtual professional development classes are research-backed and in most cases allow a teacher to observe a master teacher implementing a particular technique live in the classroom.

With all the demands on a teacher in American schools today, this program breaks apart the individual elements of quality instruction and layers those individual skills to perfectly meet the teacher where they are in their profession.  Nothing increases student learning outcomes greater than an effective teacher in the classroom. The Ethos Logos PD Module helps site and district administration support teacher’s professional goals.

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