Brand Development

Your Brand Tells Your Story To Parents That Align With You

As we go into your brand development the first step is to learn what is in your heart. Why did you decide to open your school? What is unique about your model? Who are the people that make your school special?  What does your mission statement mean to you in action?

Once we know what is important to you, we then share with you the latest research on what parents want in a school.  Through research, focus groups, surveys, and reviewing the unique aspects of your market, we help to craft a brand identity that aligns your school with families looking for EXACTLY what you have.



Aligning Your Mission and Vision With What Parents Are Looking For

Since our entire Ethos Logos program is hyper-focused on one thing, Classical Education, we uniquely know what parents are looking for and what has worked in prior schools just like yours.

The Research Is In - Parents Want Academics and Character Education


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