Charter Drafting

Charter Applications Are Complex, Team Efforts

Opening a charter school is a complex process, as it should be. Your governing board is embarking on one of the most important journeys imaginable. First and foremost, you are proposing to change lives in the communities where your charter school opens. Second, you are planning to guide students through Pre-K to 12th grade with standards, special education students, and more.  Finally, you are about to become a public entity that is responsible for stewarding tax dollars in your community.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to be approved to start a new charter school. As authorizers raise the bar to potential applicants, it is critical that your application represents your best effort and allows the authorizer to be confident in granting you a charter.

We help you look at the local laws and trends as well as what is happening nationally with charter approvals.

Classical Education As A Movement In America

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