Medici Principal Training Modules

The hardest job in America today is a Public School Principal. They Need Our Help.

Powerful Principals Make Powerful Schools

The job of a school Principal in America today is one of the most demanding professions a person could choose.  Managing stakeholders that include: families, teachers, regulatory and district is not an easy task. An impactful Principal must have a well-rounded knowledge of legal rules, culture building, academic achievement and their ability to set the tone for the entire school community. The leadership modules include:

Principal Basics

Successful Opening of a School
Nuts and Bolts – Schedules and Events
Working with Parents and PTO
Values and Virtues Instruction
The House System at your School
Special Education Laws and Operation
Hiring and Retaining Great Teachers
Master Teacher Program and OpportunityCulture.org

Principal Advanced

Culture Building and Maintaining
Legal Aspects and Pitfalls in Education
Servant Leadership Foundations
Professional Development and You
Leadership Book Study Modules


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