Classical Curriculum Delivery

Finally, Standards-Aligned Classical Curriculum.



Ethos Logos Curriculum is not a script. The teaching professional has full flexibility to use and adjust our specifically mapped out plans or pull from our wide array of resources. No more searching Pinterest or TeachersPayTeachers for a lesson. We provide specific, already proven in our Classical classrooms, detailed lessons as well as a buffet of choices to tailor content to what you are looking for.

Medici Classical Curriculum Is Different

The Medici Classical Curriculum is our homeschool-based curriculum that was developed by experienced classroom teachers, home school teachers, and experts from private Christian Classical schools as well as public education curriculum designers.

We are the first group to build a full Pre-K 12 classical curriculum for use and adaptation in the private, public, and home school arena.  Our team has opened and managed award-winning Classical Education charter schools in multiple states.

The Medici Classical Curriculum is a multi-year effort to organize, test, perfect, and layout a framework where parents and teachers can successfully take advantage of the classical model.

We believe that the teachers in the classroom know their student's abilities and Ethos Logos is just another tool to help achieve academic goals.

The curriculum offerings are housed in our Medici Digital Platform. The Ethos Logos Curriculum provides PreK to 12th-grade teachers with off-the-shelf lessons OR a deep and rich smorgasbord of options designed to make lessons come alive.

Customize, or use as is, the curriculum and resources are at your fingertips exactly when you need them. The Medici Digital Platform is ideal for a blended or a flipped classroom scenario. With student and parent-facing accounts, assignments can be built to mirror classroom activities. With grading modules and the ability to assign and turn in homework, the digital platform allows the home and the school to stay on the same page.

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